Exciting, multiple length keynotes available to address client time limits and objectives. RAZOR-01 Keynotes are not just a pep talk.  Instant takeaways are delivered that can be leveraged to benefit your business mission relating too. 

Our motto- "Time On Target- Any Time, Any Where"





Proper assesment, training and selection of our teammates in Special Operations is one of the keys to our mission success rate.  RAZOR-01 has a unique capability to develop true "Force Multipliers" for your team or organization.  Prior to their transition to the civilian work force is a prime time to train America's most unique business warrior. 



3 hour to several month long "Attached" assignments-

-Teambuilding in indoor corporate or outdoor "Dynamic" settings

-Leadership Development Programs (LDP)

-Embedded training specializing in sales teams and logistics elements

-Experience Days giving supporters a taste of the SOF world



Following the attacks of 9/11 our Special Operations Forces needed to multiply by over 300% while not dropping established stanards to meet the projected threat.  The RAZOR-01, state of the art enablers can deliver rapid assesment, selection, training and build up of team sized elements or organizational bodies.