Client Identification:

Our clients are a mixture of America's best organizations.  RAZOR-01 unit  members currently or in the past have held "Top SECRET" or "SECRET" security clearances.  We hold true to the values of confidentiality and do not post the company names or actions taken with our firm. 


Domestic Partners Only:

A second and equally important ethos RAZOR-01 operates under is we only work with US owned and operated firms. The RAZOR-01 mission objective "to aid and enable US firms" through the experiences that have made Special Operations Forces the organization with the highest win ratio in the histroy of warfare.  Our current record is a 99% mission sucess rate since 9/11.  If we can help US firms obtain just a fraction of that sucess, we have accomplished our strategic mission objective.

CLIENT AAR // "Lance"


The RAZOR-01 Team worked with my sales associates and I in a way we never thought possible.  The time we spent with Andy and Steve is not comparable to any other event I've experienced in corporate America. 


Some of the methods they used to transfer the needed information were definitly "Outside the Box" but that's exactly what we needed.  Neither business nor combat is fair and we're thankful to have the lessons to make decisions quicker, think independently and work better as a team.





CLIENT AAR // "Jillian"


As the manager of a 40 person sales district we face challenges every day.  The threats to our mission we face, are very similar to the ones faced by todays Special Ops service member.  We had no idea the importance and relevance of what these men and women achieve as a team and how it could help our district.   

What we expected and what we recieved were completley different.  They fit right into our team and related quickly the synergy between our company and theirs- the US Military.  Our time was exciting, educational, impactful and TOO SHORT...


We can't wait to work with RAZOR on our next mission!!